Field McConnell Implicated in Assisting Cynthia Abcug While on the Run

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BREAKING: It was revealed by Joseph Ramos, a medical student from the University of Colorado that while he and Cynthia Abcug were on the road with their accomplice, Ryan Wilson they left Parker, Colorado and headed for Plum City, Wisconsin to the home of none other than Field McConnell. Cyndie stayed stayed there for a few weeks. Joseph stated that around the first week of October 2019 they received a phone call while in a Plum City country store. It was Field McConnell who called there as he was heading to Minneapolis to the airport to pick up his wife, Denise. Field called the country store and spoke to the woman at the counter and told her what was going on and then asked to speak to his houseguests. It was then that Ryan, Cyndie and Joseph were told they had to leave Plum City immediately because Field had just received word that his house was under surveillance using drones and aircraft. The trio didn’t return to his home but instead jumped in Joseph’s vehicle and headed out.

From Plum City they traveled to Osceola, Wisconsin to the home of Michael Olson, DC owner and founder of Olson Chiropractic. They stayed at his offices which is quite interesting since Timothy Charles Holmseth recently broadcast on Facebook live from an office environment.

Field McConnell is incarcerated in the Pierce County jail awaiting extradition to Broward County, Florida which Dr. Olson today claimed would not happen. He stated that Russell Jay Gould who has been accused of being mentally ill by his parents had sent him some mail that he needed to lick and return to him. Below is a comment left on the video by one of Field’s fans. It is hard to believe that grown people believe that licking paper will establish jurisdiction.

Michael Olson actually wants people to believe that because the sheriff saw the piece of mail from the crockmaster Russell Gould that she went out and purchased software to force the whole jail to get their mail electronically after it was scanned. Does this make sense to anyone? NO? Didn’t think so. They also said they will need to spend $12,000 on security for Field but refuse to spend the money on hiring a real attorney? Field is an idiot and is where he belongs.

While Field is in jail it hasn’t stopped him or his fanclub from harassing his victim. This was recently posted on Randi Erickson’s Facebook page. She and Olson claim that Field’s victim is missing and has been for three weeks.

What is going to be interesting is part 2 of Joseph’s interview with James White when it gets into the nitty gritty of financiers and how the trio traveled across the country to various safehouses.

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