Field Is No Whistle Blower

Sovereign Citizen

This was an interesting comment left on Field’s communications from jail. No one is being truthful to him. He is in a world of trouble. His troubles began when he became friends with Timothy Charles Holmseth. He’ll figure it out one day. Maybe he’ll survive his incarceration in a Florida prison to do so.

Rich Schaum 23 hours ago Field has no standing as a whistle blower because he is, was not on the inside of what he could blow the whistle on. Therefore, it is hearsay at best or something else at worse. It is impossible for anyone that is being solicited to contact the POTUS directly. Gate Keepers and Firewalls prohibited it for security reasons. Profession servers must be hired. No one is telling Field the truth. the charges in Florida are nothing compared to the Federal charges coming for the Children’s Crusade Fraud and other contributions/donations tracked electronically. Think Wire Fraud Denise knew so much was going south as soon as Timothy, Kirk and Gordon/eager Beaver appeared on the seen.  Field would not listen to her and others in Plum City. Denise left him twice and the 2nd time for good.

Why is no one seeking to help with the back taxes owed the caused his home to be foreclosed on by Summary Judgement on the 10th. Dec. In a matter of weeks the Sheriff will set the auction date if the back taxes are not paid. The IRS will complete their survey of personal property to be taken in exchange for their back taxes owed. His cars and farm equipment etc. Field should hope to be placed in a Federal Prison rather than a Florida State Prison where he will be surrounded by the general population of Mexican and Haitian gang members. There is a huge difference between a Town Jail, Florida Prison and a Federal Prison. Field need well schooled accredited legal representation not the Grifter Clowns the surround him. They and their documents have no standing. Round filed. Field needs to be told that too many DOD employees and their contractors knew there was no such Pentagon Pedophile Task Force and called in that claim to DOJ and FBI with his video clips as well Kirk’s and Timothy’s words of claims with their faces. Impersonating as an agent of a Pentagon Commander and of POTUS. Not Good, just saying what could be, if Field is to be made an example of because he has no legal knowledgeable person representing him. Then the pointing of fingers by the Grifters will begin to keep their own clicks, likes, shares and donations rolling in. No crystal ball required. Field is being used and will be used up.

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