Update on Field McConnell


Update on Field McConnell.. From Court today.. Summary from today’s hearing
02:29 PM Defendant Field McConnell in court, in custody pro se. ADA David S Olson appeared for the State of Wisconsin. Field McConnell appeared by video means. Court notes document filed by Defendant, which will be received as a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus. Court will issue an Order on Monday advising of process, issues and requirements. Defendant makes statements; requests release and notes upcoming appointments, states position. Court states he is bound by law but will set hearing ASAP. Defendant makes statement and again requests release. Court states hearing will be Wednesday, he cannot grant release until Writ is heard. ADA Olson questions if hearing will be held if nothing is filed by Defendant or a licensed attorney. Court reiterates that he took documents filed as a Petitioner and he will issue and Order on Monday so all parties are clear on what is required. Adjourned at 2:41 PM

Summary: Field McConnell is still in jail and isn’t getting out. He will be extradited to the state of Florida to stand trial for aggravated felony stalking. He claims he is innocent and has never been in Florida but apparently neither he nor his illegal representatives, Chris Hallett and Kirk Pendergrass understand how the internet works or how communication is passed from state to state and town to town via the connection.

Field McConnell made multiple death threats. He documented every word. In case you need a reminder why Field McConnell is going to jail in Florida here are just a few.

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