Tammy Parry MD

Sovereign Citizen

The people supporting Field McConnell are not well. Field McConnell is not well. Today we focus on Dr. Tammy Parry. Tammy believes that the world is flat and that Field McConnell is a LtCol. Neither are true. There is no truth that Field blew the whistle on 4 events.

Tammy Parry posted this on her Youtube channel. Just because she makes this statement doesn’t absolve her from consequences from her actions.

This video is my intellectual property It’s my opinion & is largely based on my religious freedom I am also a certified member of a Federally Protected class This affords me an additional layer of protection against those who FELT it was their purview to violate my Federal Rights & commit crimes against me God Bless you Patriots Get lost shills Just because I’ve been quiet, doesn’t mean I haven’t been working Patient’s LIVES matter ~Dr Tammy

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