McConnell Declares There is No Pentagon Pedophile Task Force

Q-Anon Sovereign Citizen

Field McConnell said today that there is no Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. He also said that there are people who are speaking for him who do not have his permission to do so. We know that those people are Timothy Charles Holmseth, Randi Erickson, Trace Jo Remington among others. It makes you wonder why they are betraying their friend and if their involvement in the fraud that was PPTF was to take money from caring people. It appears that way. However, that is not to absolve Field of his own transgressions with The Children’s Crusade and their frauds.

Claudia K 10 minutes ago Re whether there is a PPTF, from my armchair, that is not a question I can answer with certainty, but I really liked thinking there was one. I applauded when the CA underground bases were supposedly taken down with recuse of 2,000 or so children in electric cages and destruction of the facilities, with fires shown down manholes. I liked hearing that the children were triaged and taken to military base hospitals for attempts at saving the post lives of torture. I like hearing hat Melania Trump was a member of the Task Force and had yet to be revealed trauma in her past, as chokingly alluded to by Mr. Holmseth. I suppose the child rescues could have happened just through miliary operations without a task force, that they could have continued (at the time it was said that rhere were an estimated 14,000 more victims to rescued nationally from such bases). And I liked believing that you, Field, and Timothy were invited/made part of the group that, through government/military action, was effectively targeting this most evil element of the global pedo Satanic world.

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