Field McConnell Has Been Released

Sovereign Citizen

From the Pierce County Wisconsin jail roster Field has been released to other agency.

It is assumed that Field McConnell is now on his way to Broward County Florida to face a judge for charges of felony aggravated stalking for making death threats to a Florida attorney. Field said yesterday in his last youtube for awhile that he was keeping his circle small and that those who don’t have permission should not be speaking for him. We know that to mean Timothy Charles Holmseth and Randi L. Erickson who have been creating drama within the organization for quite some time.

Michael Olson, DC of Osceola, Wisconsin states that Field is doing well and that he has had his hats dry cleaned for him which is rather odd. It is important to note that Field McConnell will not be attending the Remnant Warrior Conference in Dallas and anyone involved in the conference would be wise to distance themselves from Field McConnell and The Children’s Crusade. This ship is sinking fast.

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