The End of Field McConnell

Sovereign Citizen

Agent Margaritaville has posted a video with an update and it looks like Field McConnell has realized the error of his ways and will be leaving the internet.

  • Timothy Charles Holmseth’s lies have painted Field into a corner which is why he is in the position that he is now (alone and in jail)
  • AM doesn’t think anyone will ever be hearing from Field again according to his video
  • Denise was a no show at the bond hearing. Denise wants him left in the jail to rot as she did not go to the bank to withdraw $10,000 to secure his bond and as such Field is still in jail in Broward County
  • Field will have to face the music for his crimes and is coming to terms with believing the liars and grifters around him
  • Abel Danger and The Childfren’s Crusade is officially ended
  • The court has ordered all social media channels and emails belonging to Field to be “source deleted”
  • New evidence has come to light about Field and federal law enforcement agencies are now investigating
  • Many others will be arrested and prosecuted

1 thought on “The End of Field McConnell

  1. You have sealed your fate. You ruined life’s because your life was ruined when your daughter was used to hurt you. So you feel better \c now? You can’t forgive yourself if your inflicting pain on innocent people. Field and his family don’t deserve this. And neither did your little girl. Field is innocent Tim is innocent..go grieve your baby stop this hateful witch hunt. Karma is a mother. And God see’s you.

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