Field McConnell Has Bonded Out

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We are being advised that Field McConnell has bonded out and has been released pending his trial in Broward County, Florida. We are also seeing a lot of chatter about how there are no charges filed and he did nothing wrong. These statements could not be farther from the truth. Field McConnell REPEATEDLY violated an order of protection and REPEATEDLY made death threats to his victim. It has been said that he has never been in Florida. The cyberstalking statutes in all 50 states make it quite clear that you do not have to be IN the state when you are violating the law. Below are just a few videos of McConnell making threats. This is reprehensible and if anyone thinks that this is okay just imagine if this man were saying these things about your wife or your mother or daughter. For as much as his followers turn to scripture and family values and morals, let me ask you if it is okay for a man to speak to, let alone threaten a woman like this? Follow your heroes but do not excuse them when their behavior violates the law or the moral values you refer to.

  1. Aggravated Stalking
  2. Written threats to kill, do bodily injury
  3. Written threats to conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism

There have been a lot of comments such as this one which shouldn’t need explanation, but apparently they do. None of Field’s civil rights were violated. He willingly engaged in criminal behavior and was arrested as a result. He was in jail for over three months because his inept “legal counsel” Kirk Pendergrass and Chris Hallett of EClause advised him to fight extradition and did not seek a bond reduction in Pierce County while doing so. Field sat in jail for 4 months longer than he had to because of their great advice.

Richard Baumeister26 minutes agoThey violated so many of Fields civil rights, his lawyers should be able to get his case dropped.

Field McConnell’s friends and supporters should be proud of themselves because it was in part due to their behavior that they helped build a case against McConnell for terroristic threats.

This link goes to nearly 100 videos showing Field McConnell making death threats, engaging his audience to kill his victim and repeatedly violating a protection order. What did he think was going to happen by continuing to engage in prohibited behavior? What did YOU think was going to happen? This is not about free speech. There are limitations to free speech and violent threats are not protected. Google it.

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