Field McConnell Has Bonded Out

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We are being advised that Field McConnell has bonded out and has been released pending his trial in Broward County, Florida. We are also seeing a lot of chatter about how there are no charges filed and he did nothing wrong. These statements could not be farther from the truth. Field McConnell REPEATEDLY violated an order of protection and REPEATEDLY made death threats to his victim. It has been said that he has never been in Florida. The cyberstalking statutes in all 50 states make it quite clear that you do not have to be IN the state when you are violating the law. Below are just a few videos of McConnell making threats. This is reprehensible and if anyone thinks that this is okay just imagine if this man were saying these things about your wife or your mother or daughter. For as much as his followers turn to scripture and family values and morals, let me ask you if it is okay for a man to speak to, let alone threaten a woman like this? Follow your heroes but do not excuse them when their behavior violates the law or the moral values you refer to.

  1. Aggravated Stalking
  2. Written threats to kill, do bodily injury
  3. Written threats to conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism

There have been a lot of comments such as this one which shouldn’t need explanation, but apparently they do. None of Field’s civil rights were violated. He willingly engaged in criminal behavior and was arrested as a result. He was in jail for over three months because his inept “legal counsel” Kirk Pendergrass and Chris Hallett of EClause advised him to fight extradition and did not seek a bond reduction in Pierce County while doing so. Field sat in jail for 4 months longer than he had to because of their great advice.

Richard Baumeister26 minutes agoThey violated so many of Fields civil rights, his lawyers should be able to get his case dropped.

Field McConnell’s friends and supporters should be proud of themselves because it was in part due to their behavior that they helped build a case against McConnell for terroristic threats.

This link goes to nearly 100 videos showing Field McConnell making death threats, engaging his audience to kill his victim and repeatedly violating a protection order. What did he think was going to happen by continuing to engage in prohibited behavior? What did YOU think was going to happen? This is not about free speech. There are limitations to free speech and violent threats are not protected. Google it.

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  1. Honestly, it just sounds like strong opinions about her(the attorney named Kim from Broward County). This appears to be more about a civil litigation on the part of attorney Kim against Field McConnell rather than a criminal case. Her case has more validity for “libel” than criminal intent. Field doesn’t seem to have much faith in Lawyers, or their legal counsel, but if one can get OJ Simpson a mistrial for murder..I’m sure a good attorney could help Field McConnell stay out of prison or at the very least end up having it dismissed, pleas bargained or having him fined for libel. The very fact Field McConnell allowed himself to be incarcerated this long must be giving the aggrieved attorney some sort of satisfaction.

    1. In addition…Field McConnell seems to be indicating that some outside source would be punishing the attorney…whoever that may be. It doesn’t come across as a direct threat, but oblique , although his opinion about her is strongly stated.

  2. Funny how this article talks about Field McConnell advocating chopping off her head….whereas President Trump was the victim of a “so called” comedian stunt of chopping off his head on mainstream TV. Did the comedian get arrested, jailed and fined? No. Although his son was traumatized by watching it on TV. There are more laws protecting the President than the average citizen or attorney from strong opinions, that are skewed as threats.

  3. Thought crimes are not crimes in The United States of America. In the actual, factual world, you have to cause actual, factual harm. Given the fact Kim has been accused of causing actual and factual harm it is unconscionable that she has not been investigated for child trafficking (kidnapping) and procurement, but the man accusing her of these heinous and actual crimes has been put through very real Hell for verbal threats and “thought crimes” that do not legitimately exist in American Jurisprudence. Legislation — State Statutes produced by State of State organizations, and Federal Codes, do not supersede Field McConnel’s right to Free Speech guaranteed to him as an American owed The Law of the Land and The Law of Peace —- nor does it excuse the prosecutors for their failure to investigate child trafficking and other actual crimes nor does it justify illegal detainment of Americans who are not subject to statutory thought crime provisions accepted by Federal PERSONS as a condition of their employment. Now that the Municipal GOVERNMENT is in the final stages of bankruptcy, any charges against FIELD MCCONNELL are even more obviously unjustifiable. Suggest that the Prosecutor needs to be prosecuted.

  4. Oh Gerald.
    What about YOU!! You told TCH he was going to be ANNALY RAPED FOR THE REMAINDER IG HIS DAYS. I don’t know whAt they teach you in Canada schools but in the USA THATS A THREAT BUDDY.. your so twofaced. Practice what you preach jackass.

  5. I’m with Lt Col Field Mcconnell’
    You twisted bastards deserve what you get.
    This whole fiasco is to deflect from the real problem being child trafficking.
    Wake up before its too late.
    Please do research and put the bloody Tell-Lie-Vision off

  6. I am with Lt Col Field Mcconnell,
    Field may be a rough diamond but he is a man of integrity.
    I think he has opened many eyes and with him and others of similar backbone,
    maybe something will be done.
    For heavens sake these are children being trafficked. I can not believe this is going on in modern times.
    Is this not “collateral” damage.
    What a shame the law protects connected wealthy people but fails the children.

  7. One of the highlights of my life meeting Fild Mcconnell and his wife and crew in Langgollen.
    Much positive energy and love to you.

  8. Is Miss Picasios alleged child trafficking being looked into? That’s the only crime I understand to be a real crime here. She needs to be forensically audited herself. Time is on our side I suppose. The Ukrainian ties were revealing. I understand the court system will be fairly busy with all these monsters being brought down. Trump is doing a fantastic job in those regards. And poisoning the adrenachrome with Covid 17 was a fantastic idea. Big love Mr’ President.

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